Dress yourself according to the Day

Dress dayIn Indian astrology, colour and crystal therapies have been used since ancient times for healing mind, body and spirit. They bring unique energies into our lives and help us to peacefully follow our life path and give us the wisdom to learn from and understand the journey. Most of the colours have their own traditional meaning and it add the flavour in our life.

When we come to know about the positive influence of a colour we wish to get benefited from that. Majority of people dress themselves according to the colour of the day. Many people believe that colour according to the day will make them wealthy and prosperous while others believes that this will make them healthy and happy.

 So here is the list of colours according to the Indian to the days and meaning

Monday: It is the day of blue colour. Blue colour is the most relaxing colour. It reduces tense subjects and increases feelings of well-being. When you see blue, your brain releases eleven neurotransmitters that relax the body, and may result in a reduction of temperature.

Tuesday: It is the day of red colour is an engaging and emotive colour. Red colour is best for restaurant.  It is considered more disturbing by anxious subjects, and more exciting to calm subjects.

Wednesday: This day belong to the green colour. It is symbol of Fertility, Renewal and Wealth.

Thursday: According to the Hindu mythology this is the day of Lord Vishnu and is dedicated to the yellow or orange colour. It is the best colours for stimulating learning.

Friday: It is the day of white or off white colour.  As we know it is the colour reflect purity, Wholesomeness, Sacred ritual. White colour helps to maintain the peace of mind.

Saturday: It is the day of dark colour like black, indigo or dark blue. These colour increases the feeling of power, creativity and shyness. However if you mix the entire colour together the result will be black.

Sunday: It is the day of pink. Pink is the colour of love. Sunday is the day of lord Surya.


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