Eco-Friendly Indian Flag which can grow into Marigold

While we carry all our patriotism and enthusiasm on Independence Day, there is one thing that has been overlooked from years. The Indian National Flag. It’s not what happens on that day, but what happens after it. All over India, Flag, and miniatures are bought. They are placed on the car dashboard; kids run around with them all day. But the next day it feels terrible that they don’t get the same attention after it. I am sure you must have seen so many of them thrown in the street, neglected, some even reach the dustbins. While kids may not know what to do, but as a grown-up, we should be thoughtful about it. In this post, I am sharing how you can buy this Eco-Friendly Indian Flag which can grow into a Marigold plant if sown in the soil.

Buy Eco-Friendly Indian Flag which can grow into Marigold

Available at Instamojo right now, these Plantable Seed Paper Indian Flag will grow into a marigold when sowed in the soil. While the responsibility remains to not only educate the kids to bring back the flag, but also to collect the flags laying here and there in our apartments and society. But these eco-friendly flags give you a reason to collect them back which was missing earlier.

Available in 2.7 x 4 inches size uses Eco-Friendly Ink. They are handmade by craftsmen in Roopbas, Jaipur. You can order them from here, and they cost Rs 10 each if you buy the pack of 50 flags together. The cost is less than your one-time Cinema bill; you can get it for the whole apartment, distribute them to kids, and even in schools.

Buy Eco-Friendly Indian Flag

Here is the message which I had received, and sharing with you all:

As we know 15th Aug is around the corner and soon you would see Indian flags everywhere – It will be sold on traffic lights, will be kept neatly on your office table or sometimes pinned on the pocket of a colleague.

But once the Independence Day celebration is over, these flags sadly become part of the garbage, keep lying on the roads for weeks and in the end the plastic flags even clog the drainage system.

That’s a social service group has come up with  ???????? Indian Flags which is made from waste cotton and marigold seeds. After 15th Aug, you can plant the flag respectfully in the soil, keep it moist and it will slowly grow into a plant

The flags are of size 2.7 x 4 inches and are priced at Rs 10 each.

If you love what they are doing, Please share this message with your colleagues and friends. WhatsApp it to the social group and encourage them to use Plantable Flag which will grow into a plant and make out planet greener and better.

You can reach out to Shruti Dadhich via WhatsApp – 95968 22777 / 97833 83304   OR  purchase the flags on


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