Eco-friendly roads : Waste plastic & Aluminum foil used in surfacing roads

Everybody is aware of the changes in environment, problems like global warming are victimizing the human race at a very fast pace. Everybody is trying to fight out such issues on their own level and in their own ways.

Himachal Pradesh has taken an appreciable step, by using the waste stuff like, carry bags, disposable cups ,pouches of chips, pan masala and aluminum foil is used in surfacing roads.

A campaign was carried out in Himachal Pradesh, “’Polythene Hatao, Paryavaran Bachao” that means “Remove

Say "NO" to Plastic

Polythene, Save environment”, and during this campaign, 1,381 quintals of waste was collected, and this waste is to be used for laying plastic-bitumen mix roads in the state. 1,381 quintals of waste is sufficient enough to tar a stretch of 138Kms.

Himachal Government has already tested using the waste, and the results were pretty good, there has been no stripping or any other major damage to the roads laid by using plastic-asphalt mix. It has been observed that the plastic blend not only helps lowering the cost of tarring but also enhances the durability of roads because of higher binding strength of plastic.

Using the plastic waste, not only is good for the environment, but also saves approximately Rs 35,000 to Rs 45,000 per km of a road stretch.

This seems to be a great step by Himachal Government; also a total ban was imposed on the use of polythene bags of all types and sizes, in Himachal, last year.

Let us hope that Governments in other state too take a step like Himachal, moreover we too need to understand the evil effects of the Plastic, and make it a habit to avoid and say NO to Plastic Bags, plates etc.

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