Get English and Hindi lyrics of Patriotic Songs of India

Independence Day is on August 15th, and soon you will start hearing the patriotic songs Indian Flagon the streets, radio channels, TV etc.

If somehow you are looking for the lyrics of some Indian Patriotic songs, here is an online resource, which has the Indian patriotic songs lyrics, like “Aao bachchon tumhein dikhaayein jhaankii Hindustaan kii” “Bhaarat hamako jaan se pyaaraa hai” “Aye mere vatan ke logon, zaraa aankh mein bhar lo paanii” etc.

You can get the Lyrics in normal English font and Devnagari font ( Hindi ), and most songs are also available in Xdvng Font.

So, if your kid is going to sing a patriotic song in his/her school, or maybe you are looking forward to perform in some function on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, go ahead and visit this site to get the lyrics for songs.

Visit Patriotic Songs

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