ePost : Sending Paper Mail via Email in India

When Internet was launched in India it changed the entire picture of the communication world. It enabled us to reach the every corner of the globe. But still there are few rural areas where there is no access to Internet and computers. National Informatics Centre (NIC)  came up with a new software and in collaboration with five states launched a service known as ePOST on national basis.

ePOST  bridges the “ digital “ gap. With  ePOST you can send messages to any address in India. ePOST plays a dual role by combining the electronic transmission and physical delivery of the message. Those who do not have access to computers and Internet orare computer illiterate can avail this service.

How does ePOST  work?

The message needs to be printed on  A4 (8.27” x 11.69”) size paper. No limitations in the use of paper. ePOST sends the send the message in soft copy via Internet. From the respective destination it is been dispatch to the addressee in the form of hard copy. The message can be hand written, no restrictions in the use of language and even picture message can be sent. ePOST  costs you just Rs 10 @ each paper.

In case ePOST  fails to deliver the message dont worry. It will be delivered to the sender in the form of formal letter.


What does the sender need to do?

If you want to avail the service you need to register yourself at the post office. At present more than 2700 post offices are providing the service. ePOST prepaid card is also available which costs Rs 6 @ each paper. (A4 size)

How much time does it take?

The message via ePOST  is transmitted to the epost centre at post office which is nearest to the addressee. The epost centre gets the message printed in hard copy and gets it deliver by a postman like other letters.

How is ePOST helping the corporate world?

In the corporate offices many a time same letter needs to be sent to many sub offices like circulars, notices etc. ePOST CORPORATE services enables Govt. Departments, PSUs, SMEs, Companies etc to draft and design these letters and send in soft copy. This soft copy is delivered in the form of hard copy to the addressee. Its cheaper, faster and better. The network of 1,55,000 Post Offices are there to cater this requirement of corporate world. The corporate customers needs to sign the agreement with India Post to avail this service.

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