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Let us start with having a look at this video at Streetanchor.com. Most of us, who claim to be eating only quality food, are often unaware of what out food really contains.

Genetically modified food is much in trend, but like any other thing, has both advantages and disadvantages as well.  As stated here on Greenpeace

“India does not currently permit any genetically modified (GM) food crop to be commercially cultivated. However this does not mean that there may be no GM food ingredients in the food produced in India. As we have seen, there have been hundreds of acres of field trials and unmonitored processed and raw grain imports into the country. Therefore, “No GM seeds being sold” is not enough to assure consumers that our food is GM free today or will be GM free in the future.”

a guide to genetically modified food

Safe Food Guide

You can download this free guide, and get to know your food better; the companies are categorized in green and red, on the basis of the written declarations made by them about using Genetically modified food in their products.

Download this Guide here, and spread the word in order to cultivate better eating habits.

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