Features of Server controlled Street Lights in Delhi

Looks like Government has finally decided to save electricity which even used to be turned on during the day time sometimes and Delhi gets the first server / computer controlled street light based on technologies which run the mobile, GPRS and GSM.

The catch here is that street lights are based on how much light intensity i.e. I guess then we should have lights turned on earlier in winters and delayed in summers. In case of any failures,  Alert via SMS will be sent to the maintainance staff so that they can act promptly.

The project was taken up by Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and it will cover streets of Lodhi Road, Bhishma Pitah Marg and Jawaharlal Nehru Marh with more then 2000 street light poles ready.

Here is the Revision 1 ( 55 Page of document) of  Standards for Integrated Street Lighting for Delhi.

Standards for Integrated Street Lighting

Standards for Integrated Street Lighting

  • Automatic Control and Remote Operation from Central Control Station to be provided
    with SCADA software.
  • Remote operation through mobile phones at zonal level.
  • Status indication of the operation at central location and to Maintenance Staff on their mobiles through SMS message.
  • Remote indication of faulty feeders at central station and power failure message through SMS to zonal staff (alarm message).
  • Forced operation ON/OFF from central station and by mobiles through SMS for maintenance purpose.
  • Event and alarm logging facility – can be customized for analysis of the fault duration and type of faults, etc.
  • Security of operation by passwords.
  • It should be possible to modify/change the authorized mobile phone no. of the zonal staff from Central SCADA by SMS.
  • The system shall communicate with the Energy Meter installed in the panel on RS 485 network with Modbus protocol and collect important parameters i.e., 3 phases Voltages and Currents, KWH, Power Factor.
  • It should be possible to set a base current (each phase) from remote (by SMS). Any deviation beyond predefined percentage should be reported as an exception to the Zonal Staff Mobile phone and Central SCADA by SMS with absolute value of the deviated parameter. The Voltage and Power Factor limits shall be fixed as per the
    standards and should generate a message in case of an event.
  • Continuous Load current measurement – for analysis of aging factor of the lamps and
    healthiness of the individual circuits.
  • The system shall have an in-built Real Time Clock (RTC

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