How to find Festivals of India, upcoming Vrat, Puja, Hindi Panchang

It is not surprising when a young Indian is asked about upcoming festivals; he doesn’t know about it. You might argue that we always remember Diwali, Holi, etc. But these are not the only festivals that are celebrated in India. In this post, we will share about a website which helps you to find festivals of India, according to state and even by Panchang or Hindi calendar.

How to find Festivals of India, upcoming Vrat, Puja, Hindi Panchang

How to find Festivals of India, upcoming Vrat, Puja, Hindi Panchang

India is a land of festivals. Home to so many religions, there are hundreds of festivals like Teej,  that take place all over the year. If you want to know about each of them in detail, we would suggest you visit the Festival of India, a website which has a collection of all festivals in India.

This site can find festivals which you might not have ever heard.  Some of the festivals in India are restricted to particular regions only.  Since people have migrated to other parts, information for some of these festivals also gets lost.


  • Festivals listed by Month. It makes it easy for even girls and homemakers to know what is ahead. Moreover, you also get an idea of the date.
  • It’s not that only festivals are listed with just dates, but if you would like to know more on those festivals, you can get it in just a click.
  • Here is the quick list of significant pages they have built up :
  1. Alphabetical list
  2. Month wise List
  3. Religion-wise List
  4. Hindi Calendar
  5. Statewise List
  6. Festivals Calendar

Here is a sample of Month-wise list of all Indian Festival:

Hindi Calendar Panchang

You can also download the festival calendar of the year, and it also offers an app. The calendar provides Month-Wise Festivals and Hindi Calendar or Panchang. Interested for more? Find out more at Festivals of India.

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