Finally Airtel Offers 16 MBPS to 100 MBPS broadband at better prices

When it comes to broadband speed in India, it really is slow except in few cities in India like Hyderabad where you get 10 MBPS Speed at Rs 1000. Thanks to our broadband providers who lag innovation and still are relying on old hardware and infrastructure. However, it seems like Airtel is finally changing its strategy and bring faster broadband to India as good as 100MBPS speed in certain areas of Delhi. No doubt here that it’s based on Fiber Cable!!!

  • Pricing of 100MBPS :It will cost you 5999 for 175GB data cap and you will get a speed of 512 KBPS after that.
  • Pricing of 80 MPBS : It will cost you 3999 for 80GB data cap and you will get a speed of 512 KBPS after that.

Now since these are Fiber Cables, you might have to pay something for upgrading wires etc which I am really not sure but you can call in the help line to ask the details.

What if you cannot get 100  or 80 MBPS line ?

Like I said, this plan is not available in all the cities and in all the areas of cities where the plan is rolled out because its needs a hardware upgrade. So what is your best option ? To find it out please visit this Airtel broadband plan finder and search for your area and look for better plans and you will be surprised that you don’t have to pay thousands more to double your internet plan and increase data limit.

Currently I have a plan of 4MBPS with data cap of 20GB  at a price of 1400 and now Airtel is providing 8 MBPS plan is available at a price for 1599 with 30GB data cap which is pretty awesome.

Airtel Broadband in Kolkata

For few cities, you can upgrade to 16MBPS plan on your exiting connection which is based or copper wire. Getting a 16MBPS plan at this price rate for India is amazing stuff. We never had such speed at these prices.

So if you are in need of such high-speed broadband and download lot of stuff from internet and watch a lot of YouTube videos, having this is a great fun. Plus you now have multiple devices which connect with internet these days which can be your phone or laptop or your smart tv, so getting this makes sense.


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