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Many a times people move out to different cities in India either for travel, work or meet friends and our best guide to the city are always people we know nothing beats that but you cannot ask everything from them unless you got a pretty close friend there.

The City Guide is a community driven site which gives you lot of details on some of the popular cities in India and as it grows further its pretty much sure they would have all information on all the cities. This city guide is specially for hangout places like restaurants, joints, exhibitions, expo,saloons, bars, dicos and the most wanted the Night Life of those cities. That reminds me of the awesome night life of Pune where we used to hangout for food, juices and snacks…. Good to see Thousand Oaks listed there.

thousands oak

City Guide Thousands oak

As of now cities covered are :

  • Agra | Ahmedabad | Bangalore | Chandigarh | Chennai
  • Hyderabad | Jaipur | Kolkata | Mumbai | NewDelhi/NCR
  • Pune  and Thiruvananthapuram

This site is powered by community so there is always a good chance to get the latest about any of these cities and hands on reviews like we saw on India Marks.

What I liked most about is the Navigation of the website. It’s pretty easy and you dont have to look here and there. Once you select a city every menu and link works according to selected city. So if you are looking for things we talked about here, TheCityGuide.In could be your best bet.

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