Find Delhi Hunger Relief Centre on Google Maps

India is under lockdown as it fights against the Covid-19 virus. While it is safe to stay at home, there is a huge population of poor people that needs to be fed as they have no idea where to get the food from. Most of them are migrants from another city; some are local. Delhi Government has used Google Maps to help people locate Delhi Hunger Relief Centre.


The state government has marked all locations on the map where people can find a hunger relief center near them. There are over 500 such centers in the city spread across the capital. If someone is in need, they can get two meals, i.e., lunch and dinner, without paying anything.

It’s an impressive job done by the government, but this needs support. While we may find it easy to use Google Maps, the poor may not have a mobile phone in a working state or not at all. If you know someone looking for food, guide him to the center, or share the location that is closest to him.

Find Delhi Hunger Relief Centre on Google Maps

The map shows Shelter Homes and Schools. These are places where people can sleep at night, and also get free meals. On Google Maps, Shelters are displayed in red, while school is masked as blue. Schools are only serving food.

Expand the Shelter Homes > All Items on the map, and it will reveal the full address, District, Vidhan Sabha, and Ward of all such places. The same applies to School locations. There is no pin code displayed for such areas, which could have been helpful as well.

You can also click on any of the icons, and the address will be shown. You can then click on the directions icon on top right

I am sure most of us have maids in our houses, drivers, many such people who had been helping us in one or the other. These people might be having a difficult time even if you giving them the salary. Call them, and share the nearest center address so they can get food twice a day.

Further, you can guide them to find people who need shelter. If they have a smartphone in their hands, share the Google Maps link with them, and ask them to contribute in such a difficult time by guiding others.


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