Find fake medicines by sending SMS to +919901099010

In India if anytime you are worried if the medicine is not just fake or counterfeit, You can send a 10 digit code as SMS to 9901099010 and you will get a reply back if the drug was authentic. Below is video on how it works :

This service is provided by Pharama Secure who is now directly connecting to the drug manufacturers via SMS.  below is the process :

  1. Whenever a unit of medicine is produced at the factory, it is labeled with a unique code.
  2. When you purchase a medicine you can send this code which is at back of the unit to 9901099010
  3. You will receive an SMS which tells if you the medicine is genuine and provides you will batch number, expiration, and other information.

They have demo page up where you can see how it works exactly.

Pharam Secure Demo

However there is one question, what if  counterfeiters might just copy codes of medicines and then according print the batch and manufacturing numbers.  Is there anyway to fight that.

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