Find how voting is going on with Vote Report India

When voting goes around in India lot of care is taken to make the process smooth. Even though there are incidents which keeps on happening and we generally come to know either the next day in news paper or Live on TV sometimes.

As more and more people from Urban areas are contributing to votes now, Vote Report India is one service we all can make use of. This service is like a election monitoring platform which is driven by the aware citizens which can contribute about how the whole voting system went in their area.

Vote report india map

Vote report india map

In order to contribute your experience on voting you can :

  1. By sending a message starting with VoteReport to 5676785
  2. By sending an email to [email protected]
  3. By sending a tweet with the hashtag #votereport
  4. By filling a form at the website

You can read a detailed guide on how you can report here. Later the service aggregates all the data and report incidents carefull to build a map which is categorized into

  • Forged Vote (FORG)
  • Violence (VIOL)
  • Voter Bribing (BRIB)
  • Voting Machine Problems (EVOM)
  • Other Irregularities (OTHR)
  • Inflammatory Speech (HATE)
  • Election Commission Interventions (ECIN)
  • Voter Name Missing (MISS)
  • What Went Well (WELL)

You can also find how votes went in previous year as the whole data ia availble and can be filtered right on the map.This is a great way even to bring attention to India Government by expressing your grievances right on spot. Check out Vote Report India

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