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What do you do when you need a plumber when your regular plumber is asking for more or he is on leave ? Same goes for carpenters, tailors and many other services which we require in our daily life.  Most of the time we either end up paying more or ask our neighbour on that.

Green Mango is an online service which makes this hectic job of yours little easy. It has a collection of all local business which are listed in their directory and you can use it to find an electrician, for example, in your area. In order to find how good he is, just find the review written for them.

Green mango local search

Green mango local search

Well thats not that exciting right ? After you make a search look out for a tool which is availble on left of the result which gives you a tool to measure and filter them according to quality of work, crativity, rates etc.

 This tool is similar to the tools which you see in online shops or even in airlines services. Along with this you can also see a tag cloud which is available on top left. This can also act as a filter criteria for you.

Started by founded by Nandini Narula and Yasmina McCarty in 2008 has around 30ooo small time business resgitered in hyderabad that include plumbers, carpenters, cooks etc. They will be soon launching in Kolkata, Chennai, Pune and Delhi. I can already see the search Ready for banglore. Check out Green Mango

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  1. Great initiative! My best wishes!

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