Flipkart Launches Music Store, Flyte ( DRM Free Music ) comes with a Download Manager

Looks like Ban of Music sites like Songs.pk ( still accessible with Some ISP ), Flipkart is now ready to take advantge and launch its own digital music service called as “Flyte”, pretty odd name for music service though.

Flipkart has finally opened up its market for Digital Music Store, Flyte which can be accessed from here with songs starting at Rs 6. Also once you are logged in with your flipkart account, you will get to see the Digital Library where you can see the list of songs which has been downloaded or not.

Apart from this Flyte has a Download Manager for Windows PC and Mac which you can download from here. Kind of odd but you dont need to login via your flipkar account here but you will need to download a FKDM file from Flipkart My MP3 Library which you get by selecting songs you want to download. Next you can open this file using the Download Manager you have installed in your computer. This will then securely download all your files


Flyte Flipkart

Few things you should know about Songs you download from Flipkart Flyte :

  • You can download only upto 5 times so make sure you do a backup.
  • You get a 30 second preview of any song there.
  • Songs bought from Flipkart is  DRM-free means that the MP3 files you purchase from Flipkart do not contain any software that will restrict your usage of the file
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Previous Updates :

This service as being learned by the  Woikr Team will let users buy and download music which will be DRM free meaning you can use it on any device and carry it to any computer you want, at least that’s what we are guessing right now.

Pluggd.in is also reporting about it and says each of the music will cost between 10 Rs to 15 Rs on an average which is cheap but I guess that’s like shelling 100 Rs for each album. I am not sure how the sales will push up considering you get a complete CD songs in MP3 with lot lot more songs but pirated at 100 Rs or even less in India at chor bazaar and even with internet speed increase and people love to listen songs on apps like Dhingana.

Flipkar Flyte Digital Store

So basically Flipkart needs to come up with some promotional offer to get their digital distributions a rocket speed start which I can see will be coming through

  • Flipkart where you might get some vouchers when you shop from them.
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps which is like must have these days though it will take pretty long time
  • or Even a Live Music Streaming service.

This will eventually roll into a iTunes or Google Music Store for India where both Google and Apple have not opened up their store because of DRM issues and copyright problems.

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