Free Download Indian Independence Day theme for Windows 7

Readers of would have realized about my love for Wallpaper packs, so, as the Independence day is about to arrive, I was hunting for Independence Day wallpapers, and found loads of amazing wallpapers @

I downloaded several of them, and while I was playing around with them by making them my desktop background, I thought why not try to create a theme, Independence Day Theme for Windows 7.

I saved the themefile, and loved using, later when I shared this with Ashish, we thought of sharing this with our readers as well.

Here are some of the wallpapers from the theme, have a look at them.

Tricolor Free Independence Day Theme for Windows 7

Tricolor Road Free Independence Day Theme for Windows 7

Salute the Spirit of Freedom Free Independence Day Theme for Windows 7

Mera Rang de basanti Chola Wallpaper Free Independence Day Theme for Windows 7

You can Download This Theme from here . You can also  Download Free Independence Day Wallpapers.

All the Wallpapers used in this theme have been downloaded from, and are the property of their respective owners.

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  1. Congratulations to d team of for completion of one year.. Wish all of us gud luck 4 d cuming days… Happy Independce Day to all d readers! JAI HIND! Salute to our freedom fighters who gifted us such a great day!

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