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Photocopies are very common among students. A lot of money is spent on the printing and photocopies in various colleges and institutions for college or tuition notes. Seeing this Harsh Narang, a 5th  year student in Master of Technology Program, Delhi brings a  great business idea Phokatcopy , which provides  photocopies to student free of cost or at very nominal price and he still makes money out of it.

Phokatcopy is free in the sense that whatever money the student is spending for copying his or her lessons is given back exactly the same amount in some other form like free talk time or chocolate fudge depending on his points.

Apart from this advertisements are printed on the back of A4 sheets which helps advertisers to popularize their brand among the young generation as PhokatCopy is largely associated with colleges.

PhokatCopy A4
PhokatCopy A4

Process of Phokatcopy:

The process of free photocopy is divided into four steps are as follow:

  1. For the photocopy of every 20 sheets, you will get a pin card of 10 digits.
  2. The second step is to scratch that pin number and get register online at
  3. Enter the pin card number online or with phone.
  4. Now, you can redeem your point online and get a variety of gift voucher like fast food, extra talk time, free coffees etc.
PhokatCopy Process
PhokatCopy Process

Presently, they are working with 30 colleges of Delhi. Some of them are Shree Ram college, Hindu college, Daulat Ram college, Kamla Nehru college,  Kalindi college, IMI, Delhi College of Engineering  etc and has the advertisers like Apple, Vodafone, Fast track etc. You can check out the list of coleges here and if your college is not listed here may be you can get in touch with them and make everybody happy in your college.


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