Get an approximate estimate of Taxi and Auto-Rickshaw Fare in India

We often come across the scenario when we have to travel in a Taxi or Auto-Rickshaw in India. This could be due to any reason, may be your bike or car isn’t available, as it is at the service center, also this may happen as you are on a tour to a new city, you live in Pune, you are well aware of the fare rates in Pune, but now as you are on a trip to Bangalore, naturally you don’t know the rates in Bangalore, this has a major drawback, and that is, the driver might overcharge you and exploit your unawareness.

Here is an awesome online tool to help you in such scenario, ‘Taxi Auto Fare’ is an online tool which allows you to find taxi and auto-rickshaw fare between two places within a city.

It has a simple user interface, as shown below, first you need to select the city, later enter the name of the two places, and once done with this, simply click on the ‘Calculate Fare’ button.

get taxi or auto fare approximate estimate between two places in a city India

They claim the displayed fares to be ‘approximate estimate’, naturally as far as they give the fares based upon the locality, it can’t actually be exact.

Overall this looks like an awesome tool, though the fare isn’t exact, but at least can save you from being overcharged, i.e. if you are asked to pay something which is within the permissible limits of more or less Rs. 20 or so, sounds worth, isn’t it? Also you can get to know about the fare rates via the links in right panel on the page. It gives you comprehensive results, i.e. what would different taxi vendors in the vicinity, which too is a point of attraction.

So, go ahead and share your experiences with this tool. Visit Taxi and Auto Fare

If you are an Android phone user, here is another awesome tool which too has same aim as that of Taxi and Auto fare.

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