Get ready to borne extra tax if you own more than one car

Delhi Govt has put forward a plan to Delhi High Court to levy extra tax on vehicle owners who are having more than one car in their name. This decision has been taken after observing the increasing numbers of vehicle moving in the capital, resulting huge traffic disruption.

Too many cars ?

Too many cars ?

As confirmed by officials, they are planning to impose extra taxes during the time of registration itself in form of Road Tax, Parking charge , Area pricing etc.

But it’s still to be clear whether by adopting this kind of plan , Govt will be able to control the situation or not, as the loop holes are yet to flash out. There is high probability that hereafter people will start doing the new car registration in different other family member’s name or even in the name of close relatives.

Though there are ifs & Buts in the proposed plan, but the initiative was really needed for controlling the traffic situation of the City. If the plan become successful , I think all the other Metro Cities are going to follow the capital to solve the problem of their Traffic system .

Courtesy : Economic Times.

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