Get the latest status of Judgetment online! ( Jharkhand )

Now people of  Jharkhand can get the latest status of judgement of his/her case by just log in into the website of the court. It  is one of the services that falls under the eGovernment services and is  offered by the Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs so that more people will benefit from the use of information technology and communication services.

According to the Jharkhand High Court Chief Justice Bhagwati Prasad:

The website of the Jharkhand high court loaded with a lots of new features and services.Now, you can get the latest and authentic judgements of the day just by log in into the website of the court.All the judgement will be posted on the website just after they are signed by the judges.

The website has the

  • The information about the judges on the panel and other senior functionaries along with their phone numbers.
  • You can also search the status of your case,date of your case etc. Direct link
  • For Judgment search according to Case, Date, Petitioner and Date go here

Jharkhand Judge Case Status

Hoping this to get rolled in other cities also.

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