Get your Raddi Home / Office picked by RaddiDepot

Surprised and definitely a smart move by people behind RaddiDepot who provide service in Pune to get all your raddi i.e. Newspaper, Books, magazine and even Milk bags picked up for proper disposal and get them recycled.

Raddi Depot

Raddi Depot

This is very useful when your raddi wala is not showing up in time and if everybody in your society is ready to dispose them off, just get in touch with them with an approximate weight of the Raddi and they will get in touch with you. As of now this service is available only in Pune and I hope they will open branches in all over India too. Check out RaddiDepot

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  1. wishes it also comes to Kolkata..


    Dear Sir, You are doing excellent work by disposing of waste paper; may GOD bless you. Please permit me to suggest you another area where bold initiative like what you have demonstrated is absolutely necessary and is in the ultimate interest of the society and our country. Bio-waste from restaurants and hotels can be collected and brought to some central locations where it can be processed to generate METHANE;this gas may be supplied to interested people as cooking gas.If it can help you, we can discuss details. BEST LUCK. A.V.PARANJPE

  3. Dear A.V. Paranjpe Sir,

    Myself Yogesh from Pune.
    I wish to know from you about Methane process. Please write to me at [email protected]. Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Yogesh G.

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