Getting the electronic scrap out safely: Ash Recyclers

Got an Old monitor you want to throw away or your firm is changing the old computers with new? Do you have a good number of keyboards, monitor and mouse ready to be trashed? Dont throw it to Raddiwala and create a mess. Why? Let’s understand. Wastes generated from electronic items like computer, music system or any other electronic devices is called as E-Waste or electronic waste. These devices do have chemicals and other things. If they are not disposed of properly will cause more hazard to the environment which we cannot measure. Here is how you can safely ask recyclers in India to process e-waste.

Getting the electronic scrap out safely: Ash Recyclers

Keeping this in mind,  A.Syed Hussain, the brain behind Ash Recyclers, which deals with well established standard methodologies and documented procedures for REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLING of electronic waste complying with WEEE Regulations. In short, they collect all the e-waste and clean it off for properly.

Ash recyclers
Ash recyclers

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Services provided by Ash Recyclers

We purchase all types of electronic waste from used electronic equipments for processing. It includes computer system and its peripherals, monitors, copiers, printers, televisions, mobile handsets, laser devices, infra red devices, PCB’s and all other electronic gadgets.

We are authorized to collect, store, transport, handle, process and recycle, segregate and sell the electronic waste by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, INDIA.

They offer E-waste pickup throughout India. We will bear the transportation of your E-waste to our facility. So if you have mobile phones, old computer, keyboard, a laptop that you are planning to throw, give these guys a call.

Excellent work being done here. So if you do have any large or small amount of e-waste ready to be disposed of getting in touch with them and they will be off with it.

You can connect with them via their official website contact page for more details.


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