Gift personalized popular songs to your loved ones

Valentine Day is about to arrive, wouldn’t this be great, if your favorite song can be personalized with the name of your Valentine in it? Sounds good for sure, here is an online service named as MeriDhun, which does this job, you can use this service for other occasions as well to show your love to your loved ones. A song can be personalized to use it as a caller tune, ringtone, etc. or you can simply keep it as a song.

Personalize your Favorite song with the name of your Valentine or loved one

You need to create an account with MeriDhun, which is a quick process, later you can select a song, and enter the name of your Valentine, and this name will be inserted in the song at multiple places. It takes 2 to 3 days to make the song ready. Once the song is ready you will be notified via email/SMS. The charges for the personalization depends upon the way you are going to use the personalized song, charges are different for caller tune, song CD etc. However you get a free personalization after the account creation. Songs are available at MeriDhun is many languages, like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, etc.

So, go ahead and visit MeriDhun to know more and personalize a song to make your loved ones feel special.

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