Telecom Towers to go Green with Solar Power

Like all the other countries India is also trying to reduce the Carbon footprints, and promoting a Greener environment, old vehicles are being banned, green fuel is being promoted, recycling is being done, etc.

Solar power for Telecom Towers

Here is another initiative towards a greener environment, India has a huge telecom network, and has more than 250,000 cell phone towers as of now. Diesel is used as fuel for the efficient working of these towers, and hence about 2 billion liters of diesel is consumed per year for the cell phone towers.

Moving from diesel to solar energy and other alternate energy resource can save up to 5 million tons of CO2 emissions and also a saving of US $1.4 billion in operating expenses for telecom tower companies.

GTL Infra, which has 32,500 towers, has started moving from diesel to solar and other alternate sources of energy. Bharti Airtel has also started a pilot project to evaluate diesel to solar and other alternate energy resources in terms of savings.

Going green and pushing India’s Dream of Solar Power mission is the need of the hour; Government should provide high subsidies to help the telecoms taking this step, quickly and easily. After all Even the Indian Weddings are loosing fat by growing green.

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  1. sir,
    can you send me a list of manufacturers specialised in providing 5KW solar power plant to Telecom Towers in India.

  2. My question is similar to what vivek anand’s question was.

    It would be great if you share the list of companies targeting this space.

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  4. we are providing solar power plant for telecom towers infact we have done many projects. plz contact shashidhara 09740292096

  5. you can find project report for telecom tower in scribd..
    solar power for telecom applications

  6. Govt should pass a mandate that all Telecom towers should be solar powered to check diesel consumption, saving costly foreign exchange, less maintenance cost,improving air quality. Uninterrupted and better service !

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  8. We have a very low cost tech to reduce energy footprint by 1000 W and other benefits such as no peak loads

  9. hi ,
    Can all telecom towers in India use solar power or are their issues with converting every tower into a solar based one …Thks for your answers in advance …


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