Guide to Gulmarg -Trip to Srinagar Part 3

If knowing about Srinagar’s beautiful Dal Lake and green Sonmarg have tempted you a lot, This time we are on the way to Gulmarg which would make you think for a plan sooner. Here is our guide to Gulmarg, one of the best places around Srinagar.

Guide to Gulmarg -Trip to Srinagar

Gulmarg is the only place where you would get proper snow even in summer. High hills and ropeway to the upper mountain are what makes it different from all the three locations.

Once you enter Gulmarg, the driver will have to park before a stop gate. This stop gate is an entrance to the area of Rope Way which you would need to walk.  Also, you would find a lot of Horsemen asking you for a ride, but I would suggest you take a fresh air walk and enjoy the greenery.

As soon as you reach the gate, ask anybody for the ticket counter for the ropeway.  Now here is something which you should not miss. Going up in Gulmarg has two parts. One that doesn’t have snow and other, which is at much higher altitude have a good amount of snow. Don’t miss that. Ask for tickets for both places at the ticket counter. Also, don’t throw off the card anytime as it is your gate pass to way down.

gulmarg ropeway entrance

The Ropeway takes around 10 to 15 minutes and this where your enjoyment starts. You would see the entire valley from above. Small huts, people, animals, and so many things that would be catchy. Once you get down at the first stop walk in straight to open area.

Gulmarg ropeway

Be a little cautious here and don’t get into a conversation with the horsemen even there. I have heard from some people who did visit saying that the experience with the horsemen wasn’t right. You would get good food here and a lot of greenery. Take a lot of photographs and be ready for the ride to the snow-laden mountain which you can see from there.

glumarg open area

gulmarg view

Trolleys disappear in the clouds as they go up. Apart from that, there is not much more to see here. So let us go up and catch with the snow.

gulmarg trolley

When you get to the second top of Gulmarg, you would love the beauty of whiteness. Its all snow and so much of snow that if you had seen it for the first time like me, you would fall in love with it.

gulmarg cloud view

gulmarg snow

Apart from this you can do skating, sledging and start throwing snowballs on each other. It’s all the fun time here.  That why I was saying not to miss the ticket downstairs make sure to begin by 3-4 if you are planning to go back to Srinagar. I am sure the driver would say that to you before you start.

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  1. Hi, Nice article indeed! Wonderful way to explain Gulmarg trip. It is a good place to enjoy ropeway ride, skiing and natural beauty. Gulmarg is a thought year destinations to plan to visit here. I am planning this year in December.


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