Handcrafted, customized Gifts for your kids [Interview and Giveaway]

‘Tushina’ is a store for kids, which offers you several types of handcrafted stuff, customized especially for your kids. The face behind this store is Tushina Goyal, she has done Fashion Designing diploma from NIFT, Delhi. She started with creating these handcrafted stuff for her daughter, and after getting several awesome reviews about it she took it as a profession, and started ‘Tushina’.

Here is a short interview with Tushina Goyal, go through it to know all about the Birth and blooming of ‘Tushina’ –

What made you start this Business?

Shifting to a new house, I was not able to find things to decor my daughter’s room. So I first experimented with a name plate for my 2 year old. I received such rave reviews and orders on the same that I decided to make it a full-fledged business venture. Having been in it for a few months, I can now safely say it was a great decision, as I am extremely pleased on how the business has taken shape, and how well my work has been appreciated, without an exception.

WHandcrafted Customized Gifts for Kids by Tushina at displayhat is the source of inspiration for these designs?

Smile on the face of the owner of each piece.

I follow the below points before creating an artwork –

  • To make the products ecofriendly using recycled material and handmade paper.
  • To make each product unique, hand crafted and no two pieces as same.
  • Customizing each piece with the individuals’ name, idea and preference.
  • Using bright and cheerful colors and imagery.

The business model is geared towards making each one who receives the products feel special. The name plates, for example, bring about a sense of ownership and pride in the child, each time they enter their room, also I would like to mention that we engage underprivileged ladies for this work and try to make them self-sufficient.

Do you create some models for these designs on paper or some computer software (may be an image editor)?

It is a combination of both– Corel Draw and my sketches on paper which produce the final result.

What is the price range for these, do you ship them too, if yes, what payment modes are preferred?

Our prices start from Rs.100-1500 normally.

  • Fridge magnets – Rs.100
  • Key holder – Rs.200-300
  • Photo frames – Rs.100-300
  • Pen stands – Rs.150
  • File folder – Rs.300
  • Name plates – Rs.150-1000
  • Pin boards – Rs.1000-1500 depending on the size
  • Wall clocks – Rs.300-1200

We also do handmade name tags by dozens. The prices make the products impulse buys for different gifting purposes. We customize pieces according to individual preference in a very small span of time.

We ship all over India and take the money transfer to bank account once we start with the product. Till now we have shipped outside India working with their Indian counterparts so the mode of payment remains same.

We prefer payment at the starting stage only as the products are all customized with name and cannot be re-used for anyone else.

Do you accept bulk orders, like for Birthday parties and all?

In the span of 1 year of our business we have done some 7-8 Birthday party orders. 5-6 exhibitions and rest has been online sale mainly in the festive season or Rakshabandhan and Diwali for gifting purposes.

Thanks so much Tushina for taking time, and replying our questions.

We here at TSNW wish Tushina all the best, and we appreciate her innovative idea of adding that personal touch, also the idea of engaging underprivileged ladies to help them towards a better living deserves a big round of applause.

Well, here is something more for our readers; TSNW has collaborated with Tushina to host a Giveaway here at Technospot.in, which is open only for Indian Residents. Tushina will be sending a custom built nameplate to the Two Lucky winners, once the winners are announced we will get in touch with the winners to get the address and the name for which the nameplate is to be designed. Winners will be announced on October 23, 2010 October 27, 2010, contest ends at 11:59 PM, October 26, 2010. The photos of the Giveaway Nameplates can be seen below.

Handcrafted Customized Nameplate for Giveaway

Customized handcrafted Giveaway nameplate

How to Participate in this Giveaway –

  • Visit Tushina, have a look at her work, and suggest what other interesting characters (that the kids love today) can be used in creating these handcrafted design. Also feel free to suggest anything which you think can appeal kids. You have to post the suggestion in the comments.
  • Like Tushina on Facebook.
  • Like Technospot Network on Facebook.
  • Tweet this Post, using the button below, and post the link of Tweet in your comment. (Optional)

So, go ahead, and participate in this giveaway. All the best!!


  1. Hey I didnt have a Facebook account, had to create one to participate in this, please count me in, I think using quotations (simple ones, which can have a good impact on kids) is a nice idea, also why dont you think of something like summer camps where you can teach kids to make such stuff on their own.

  2. Thanks guys for the wonderful ideas and comments.
    also thanks for taking out your time in reviewing the products and pages.
    the winner will shortly be announced.
    all the luck..

  3. Hi Ashwin,

    you can visit my web page–www.tushina.com
    my facebook page–www.facebook.com/tushinagoyal
    contact me at tushina.goyal@gmail.com
    or visit my workshop in gurgaon with a prior appointment.
    The products are all handcrafted.
    WE do engage underpriveldge sector of the society to learn this craft and make exquisite , customized gift products for your loved ones.

  4. Hi Tushina,

    great work! gud to c hw creatively u hv used ur talent. i wud like to participate in the contest. Following r some of my ideas:

    # Shera, the mascot of CWG can b used asa acharacter.
    # Kitty n fairies r quite an inn characters for girls.
    # Shinchan is liked a lot among boys.
    # u can use spring to pop up the characters.

  5. Hello Tushina,

    I always like your products and recommend others also. To participate in survey, here follows few ideas:

    1. Kids like few colorful vegetables a lot like yellow/red bell pepper, Tomato, Eggplant Purple. Also fruits like banana, apple, orange etc. These can be used and good for learning as well.
    2. Few product ideas with name of baby: diaper bags, baby shoes, nursing pillows, plush toys, baby car seat, cute Finger Puppets, colorful soft square blocks, baby beds.
    3. Also babies do not like regular shape like rectangular. Baby like irregular shapes like pumpkin, elliptical, triangle.
    4. If name plates can have small LED lights. Just imagine…


  6. Hi Tushina,

    I was quite impressed by the products you have made. I think you should also focus on sourcing your products in bulk from NGOs, and doing your value addition, which will make those products look better. Also, you may consider giving a discount to all your fan page members, if they order using facebook. it will help build brand equity.

  7. This is great, Awesome Work Tushina, I am in love with all this, however I have a suggestion, why dont you try creating stuff which has a scene from story books like Panchatantra, you can accompany this stuff with a story on a paper while selling it out, later parents can tell the story to their kids, and your piece on their bedroom wall will keep reminding them about the story, which will help them as a moral booster.

  8. You can use popular faces like Tom n Jerry, using characters like Superman and Speiderman too seems to be a nice option, kids love this stuff


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