Hands on Guide: Trip to Srinagar Part 1

Srinagar is said to be heaven not only because of the beauty it holds but also because of the culture, weather and the people living there. Around 11 years back Ashish and I  went on the memorable trip to Srinagar. I wrote everything down as we were on tour. Here is my experience, and hands-on guide of the trip to Srinagar.


Guide to Srinagar Trip

  • No of days: 4-6 except travelling duration
  • Budget: 25 to 50K INR excluding shopping expense
  • Places to see Dal Lake, Gulmarg, Sonmarg and Pahalgam.
  • Season: If you are looking for snow Nov to March is best   but if you would like to see more of greenery visit between June to September
  • How to reach: You can reach by flight, or by road.
  • Phone: Please do get a local number or any postpaid number. Nothing works apart from that.

Accommodation at Srinagar

You have two options. Hire a houseboat or rent a hotel. It will depend on your choice and number of people.


  • Costly, 1500 to 3000 INR per day per room
  • There are two to three rooms in each houseboat. They can be allotted to a different family.
  • Excellent view at night when you sit at the end of the boat. You get a full view of Dal lake.
  • Some of the houseboats have a small garden built, which makes your stay always fresh.
  • You have two kitchens — one for Non-vegetarian and another for Vegetarian food.

Hotels :

Cheaper than houseboats. Also, we would suggest not going for a very costly hotel as you won’t be staying for long in the room.

Travel Plan  for Srinagar Trip

Srinagar trip : Overview
Srinagar trip: Overview
  1. Morning: Reach Srinagar
  2. Evening: Srinagar Dal Lake
  3. Sonmarg  ~ 80 KM
  4. Gulmarg
  5. Pahalgam
  6. Local sightseeing at Srinagar
  7. Return

Pahalgam is a great place to stay back. I would suggest staying back here if you have time.

Hiring a car is an obvious choice. If you know somebody who travelled earlier and has a reference, chose that. Else you can always talk to the hotel reception. Also, make sure to bargain. We paid like 6K for three days (in 2007) for going to Sonamrg, Gulmarg and Pahalgam in Omni for two people.

Make sure to start early if you want to spend time at the locations. Since all three places are far, the travel time is almost like 6 to 8 hours return trip. The drivers are keen to begin by 3-4pm so they can return safely.

Srinagar to sonmarg
Srinagar to Sonmarg
Srinagar to Pahalgam Gulmarg
Srinagar to Pahalgam Gulmarg

Preparation plan for Srinagar Trip

  • A handy bag in which you can get some extra stuff like water etc.
  • Some warm clothes even if you are going in summer. You will need it at Gulmarg especially.
  • One battery pack each person.
  • Get some junk food along with you and ask the driver to find someplace where you eat.
  • It is always a good idea to have breakfast and then start.

Seeing the above plan, you might think that the program is tiring but trust us there is nothing much to do in Srinagar. You can walk around the pavements of Dal lake and do some shopping. It’s best to move out and enjoy the beauty of wild, breath in the fresh air and enjoy with friends and family.

Here is the link to the rest of the places around Srinagar.


  1. very useful and very detailed post. Looking forward to the rest, since I am travelling to Kashmir this weekend. Many thanks!

  2. Really useful information, since I am going to be travelling to Kashmir in 2 weeks! Thanks a lot! Great pictures!


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