Ten Handy Tips when in Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where women spend most of their time. Apart from keeping the kitchen clean, some tips from our mothers and mothers-in-law always come handy. Today, I would like to share some helpful tips for your kitchen, which will prove useful to you.

Ten Handy Tips when in Kitchen

  1. Green bananas will ripen quickly if kept in the paper bag in the dark place.
  2. To prevent green vegetables from turning unattractive greenish-brown color after they have been cooked, put in the few drops of lemon juice to intensify the green color.
  3. To prevent ice cubes tray from sticking to the freezer shelf, line the shelf with the wax paper.
  4. Preserve ginger for the whole nearby, keeping it in a flower pot filled with wet mud.
  5. Rub onion on your Tawa/pan/hotplate before making Dosa. This way, your dosas will not stick to the pan.
  6. To peel tomatoes easily and quickly, hold the tomatoes over the gas flame for a few minutes. Use a pair of tongs to hold the tomatoes.
  7. While cooking the lady’s finger, add a spoon of curd on it to prevent stickiness. It will also prevent you from adding excess oil.
  8. Smear a little cooking oil to the grater before grating cheese. See the difference for yourself. The cheese will not stick to the grater any more
  9. Put some boric powder in the kitchen in corners and other places. It will drive away cockroaches.
  10. To avoid crying while chopping the onions, first cut the onions into two parts and place them in water for 15 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Just go to the kitchen and try it and share your experience with us via a comment. I am sure many of you have managed the kitchen more than I had done, so if you have a tip, share it with us in the comments.


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