Hang out trip to Shankarpur and Mandarmani

In today’s work culture, many of us don’t get ample leave from our work due to immense work pressure. Hence we prefer to take a break for a couple of days for refreshment, which quite helps to freshen up our mind or to boost up from our monotonous daily routine. Unlike all other metro cities, Kolkata as a minimal option to choose a place for such break at Kolkata. Hence people like me who are fond off calm sea beach, they prefer to take a trip to Shankarpur or Mandarmani which are geographically very close to Kolkata.

Hang out trip to Shankarpur and Mandarmani

Shankarpur details

Casuarinas plantations fringe Shakarpur beach. And looks as beautiful as we see in movies – deep and dense. This fishing village offers all the pleasures of a private beach. Unlike Digha, Shankarpur beach is quite flat & people who love to enjoy in seawater finds it more comfortable since there are no obstacles to boulders. Shankarpur is also famous for its fishing harbor. I was able to take a few snaps of the docks.

1] Distance – Distance of Shankarpur from Kolkata / Howrah would be around 200 Kms. It is very close to Digha, which is the most famous beach in West Bengal. In a private vehicle, it would be approximately 4 hours drive from Kolkata (including half an hour break time at Kolaghat). At Kolaghat, you’ll have one of the best dhaba – Shere –e-Punjab.

2] Transportation – Regular buses ply between Kolkata and Shankarpur. Tourist cabs and luxury cars can also be hired from Kolkata.

3] Hotels – Though Shankarpur beach is still very isolated compared to Digha, all type of Private Hotels (including Luxury class) and Government Lodges are also available.

4] Average Hotel charges – Hotel charges are depending upon the type of hotel, you’ll be choosing. An average hotel would cost you between Rs. 850/- – Rs. 1100/- whereas in Luxury hotel cost would be between Rs. 1700/- -Rs. 2000/-.   Some of the good Hotels are The Nest, Hotel Sandy-bay, and Ben fish dormitory.

5] Food: You will find all type of food generally found in sea-side. But to mention especially you should try the spicy Crab preparation at Sandy -Bay Restaurant, which I find very delicious whenever I had it. And tell you all it’s the main attraction of Shankarpur.

6] Best time to visit – The best season to visit is from March to Nov.

Mandarmoni Details

Mandarmoni is Bengal’s recently developed tourist spot, so you might not find many visitors around. But tell you for all those who like serenity and calm you can relax and have a sunbath and enjoy the beach. You can also do fishing, beach cricket, and volleyball apart from a delightful swim in the wide beach. But apart from all this, the most lucrative things about Mandarmoni beach is driving on the sea beach of around 6- 8 Kms.

But be very cautious and should avoid going to deep water with the vehicle. And this wide beach looks more beautiful when the sunsets. The reflection of the sunlight while setting down is spellbound. I was lucky enough to capture the same in my camera and share it with others.

The main occupation for the localities is fishing and tourism. Around the beach, you will easily find the fishermen trying to catch the fishes. And it’s a job of patience that you have to wait for hours spreading the net in the beach to catch the prime number of fishes at every go.

Tourist is also the primary source of income. At the vast beach, you will find children roaming around looking for crabs. May sound silly, but these children on demand can take out the crabs inside from the sand for you.

1] Distance – From Shankarpur, a distance of Mandermoni is around 35 km. If you want to go to Mandarmoni, directly from Kolkata, then you have to change the root from Digha highway at Chowlkhola More which is just after Ramnagar. If you intend to go without a personal vehicle, then you have to take motor-van rickshaw once you get down at Chowlkhola. From Chowlkhola turn, Mandarmoni beach is around 14 km.

2] Hotels – Mandarmoni has got more popularity in a short period because of its wide sea beach. Hence you’ll find a lot of luxury hotels as well as ordinary cottages at different coasts. Sana Beach Resort, Rose valley, Hotel Debraj, Hotel Sonar Bangla, Tarangamala Guest House, Garden Retreat are some of the good hotels at Mandarmoni.

3] Hotel charges are a bit costly out here compare to Shankarpur. All the hotels are using their generator for power supply since electricity is not available in the beach area.

4] Food – Most of the resorts serve typical Bengali food and Kolkata-style Chinese cuisine. However, food is a bit costly since most of the items have to be brought from far away. Though you will not get, much variety, extensive menus are well available.

Also, do not expect very high-quality food as the hotels usually employ local people without much expertise as cooks. However, the food is hygienic and generally clean. However, you will find a lot of eateries which sells tea, coffee, snacks, omelet, bread, etc. After having your breakfast when you go to take a bath in the sea, coconut water is also available in these shops.

Hope you’ll like the place & would like to wait for your comment once you come back from these places. I wish you a delighted journey in advance.


  1. I really love the photos of mandarmoni in your post.
    Even i visited mandarmani in october 2009. very nice and tranquil place. loved the fishes and cuisine. i stayed at the oasis beach resort at mandarmoni. i also wish to post a blog post like this…

  2. For Mandarmani Hotels you can check Hotels in Mandarmani and you will get some more discount.

  3. I really love the photos of mandarmoni in your post.
    Even i visited mandarmani in october 2009. very nice and tranquil place. loved the fishes and cuisine. i stayed at the oasis beach resort at mandarmoni. i also wish to post a blog post like this…

  4. Sumo kore kolkatar theke koto bhara nae? ar oikhane thakar kerokom khorcha tara tari janio.


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