Have a Complaint against your Mobile / Telecom Operator, TRAI have you covered

Its time Telecom Operators in India get ready to server their users even better than before because any negligence, unresolved issues and unheard complaints can now be sent to TRAI directly using the Telecom Consumer Complaints Monitoring System (TCCMS) launched recently.

Few months back, TRAI did warned all the Telecoms to treat the consumers nicely and asked them to let consumer talk directly to the human operator without wasting much time into menus and they had also been working hard to track lost stolen mobile using IMEI number which needs all the operators to help a consumer out.

When you should use the  TCCMS Portal :

The portal advises first to launch the complaint with the respective operator and get the complaint id. In case you feel that your issue is not resolved in correct way, you can use this portal to send details to the TCCMS group, so they can look into it.

Also there are certain time limits you need to follow for certain type of complaints. For example

Complaints pertaining to fault repair, service disruption and disconnection of service have to be attended within a maximum period of 3 days. Other complaints to be attended by the Complaint Centre within a maximum period of 7 days, subject to time limits laid down in regulations on quality of service. The cases where no time limit is specified, shall be addressed within 3 days.

How to lodge a complaint with TCCMS :

A ) If you havent raised a complaint with your Mobile Operator

This portal has done an excellent job in guiding the consumer to the right email address, Web page or even to the telephone numbers, in case the user has not done so far.  For example if you have not raised your query with the operator, you should see something similar to the screenshot below :

TCCMS Guide to Telecoms Contact Details

B)  Escalating to the Appellate Authority :

In case your query is not resolved you can choose no when asked that you have raised the query with the Appellate Authority of the respective telecom.You would get the email id and address, where you can send across all the details.

TCCMS Guide to Telecoms Complaint Query Portal

Remember to include your complaint id when sending out the details so one can get the issue resolved.

Time Limit details within which a complaint has to be resolved :

For details on this, TCCMS has a PDF file which you refer into. Look for a button on the website which says “Time Limit for Resolution”, click to download it.

Time limit for Wired Telephone Service

Time Limi for Cellular Mobile Service

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  1. What to do when the appellate authority has not given a satisfactory reply and send you pre drafter generic reply with out understanding the issue.

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