Homemade Breakfast delivered at your doorstep [in select locations of Bangalore]

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day; Homemade Breakfast delivered at your doorstep online-breakfast.comyou might have read about the importance of a healthy breakfast. However the availability of a health breakfast is always a major issue as long as you are a bachelor and staying away from home, for studies or for your job. Generally there are chances of getting good lunch and dinner but the good breakfast goes missing in most of the cases.

Well, if you are living in Bangalore, here is your chance of getting good quality, healthy breakfast, and guess what, it will be delivered at your doorstep, no time to be wasted in commuting, you breakfast will come to you, sounds great isn’t it? Online-breakfast.com is a service which does it for you.

Homemade Breakfast delivered at your doorstep [in select locations of Bangalore]

All you need to do is, give them a call; you will be charged in advance for the month and will be given coupons for the entire month (at a monthly charge of Rs. 990 only), select the best suited time slot for the breakfast delivery, later, when the breakfast arrives at your doorstep, give a coupon and collect your breakfast. Also, ‘Just for the Weekends’ offer are available, for these weekend offers you need to make a call to Online-brekafast.com on Fridays.

Unlike the Pune based breakfast delivery service, this Bangalore based Online-breakfast.com doesn’t allow you to make a choice of breakfast, rather they have a schedule for whole month, and all the customers of the service get the same breakfast.

So, if you are living in Bangalore, visit the Online-breakfast.com, check out if they deliver in your area, if yes go ahead, and say no to those unhealthy breakfasts.

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  1. d link to the bangalore based tiffin service doesn’t open. can you plz post their contact details


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