Hospitals can not deny to admit Injured because of Police Formalities

You will be surprise to know that India is a country where in every  12 minutes, an Indian dies on the road and 10 times that number get injured. There are many causes for these accident. It may be the  poor traffic conditions and bad roads,  reckless driving and complete neglect of  traffic.

But what happened after the such crucial accident? Most of the hospital refuse to provide  immediate medical treatment to the injured person. But is it correct?

According to Supreme court:

The treatment of the patient should not wait for the arrival of the police or completing legal formalities. All government hospital and medical institutions should be asked to provide immediate medical aid to all the cases, whether medico-legal or not. Till now, doctors wait for the arrival of the police before attending accident victims, especially with head and burn injuries.

The Supreme Court further observed that Article 21 of the Constitution imposes an obligation on the State of safeguard the “Right to Life” of every person. Preservation of human life is , thus, of paramount importance. The government hospitals run by a state and the medical officers employed therein are duty-bound to extend medical assistance for preserving human life. Failure on the part of a government hospital to provide timely medical treatment to a person in need of such treatment results in violation of his”Right to Life”.

 According to a leading daily:

Over 30 percent of the emergency patients in the country die before they reach the hospital . Over 80 percent of the accident and emergency victims never get quality medical care during the first few hours after the accident.  In such cases if the patient get the medical treatment on time, the hospital can saves his/her life.

Few steps to avoid the accidents:

  • Always use helmet in case of two wheelers
  • Always use seat belt while you drive a car.
  • Don’t do rash driving.
  • Try to avoid over taking.
  •  There are many accident which occur by the carelessness of  pedestrians on the road.

I think this is a very good decision made by the Supreme Court of India. This may be save thousand of life every year and every part of the country. Via