How good is Honey for health ?

Almost 80% of human beings love and craves sweet and honey is the best sweet treat. It has always been a substitute for sugar. But do you really know how good it is for our health? Honey is composed of sugars like glucose and fructose and minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chlorine, sulfur, iron, and phosphate. It contains vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5, and B3. In this post, I will share details on how Honey is useful when it comes to health.

How good is Honey for health?

You must have always heard from your grandma to take honey and tulsi leaves when suffering from cough. Actually it’s the best homemade medicine and 100% better than the cough syrups. And believe me i always prefer this and it proves more durable than those syrups. Honey is good ayurvedic medicine.

Helps Soothe a sore throat

Many types of research have shown that honey is the best antibiotic. It helps to soothe a sore throat when used in tea or hot water. It also acts as an antibiotic in fighting stubborn ear, nose and throat infections. Honey is very effective if you take it early morning after getting up from the bed. When honey is mixed with water, a chemical reaction takes place resulting in the creation of hydrogen peroxide, the most powerful natural antibiotic. This is the most natural antibiotic-free from the negative effects of the manmade ones.

Honey and Health
Honey and Health

Moisturizer for both hair and skin

Honey is also good for skins. It helps as a moisturizer for both hair and skin. Who can better say this than the females as honey is used while doing waxing? Moreover, it is an ideal cosmetic ingredient. It supports the skin’s ability to revitalize and refresh depleted skin. This is actually what we all want. We always look for artificial beauty creams and never think how this simple thing can help your skin glow. I believe honey is available in every kitchen easily. This is one tip not many people know which makes honey useful from health perspective.

Honey reduces Fatigue

Honey gives you energy and strength and helps to reduce fatigue. It provides about 64 calories per tablespoon which will give you about 50 calories. The sugar in honey can be easily converted into glucose. Similarly honey and lemon juice and honey and cinnamon help in reducing weight.

Honey has been blessed with all the medicinal qualities and is good for all. Honey benefits human longevity due to its high-energy action, and the presence of chemical elements, vitamins, and enzymes that are important for the good operation of the human body. If you are tired or have a sore throat or unable to sleep honey is there for you. So include honey in your diet and prove yourself.


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