How important it is to take adequate care of your clothes?

Once textile fabrics have been produced and fabricated into apparel or any other finished product it has to ultimately restored by either laundering or dry-cleaning.Sometimes initially bleaching or simply ironing is also a method depending on the nature of the product. If one skips this hygienic process of cleaning it is not a pleasant experience.

Every individual has personal experiences like the material having unexpected shrinkage,colour running out due to improper dyeing,fabrics ripping apart due to weakening or the fabric stretching unexpectedly!!These are not things which are uncommon.

Hence it is mandatory to label each and every garment before it goes into the hands of the consumer so that he/she knows how to handle it in the perfect manner.These labels have proper directions for proper cleaning.It is very important to have knowledge of cleaning processes and the manner in which they affect textile materials. Garment care labels play an important role in telling consumers how to maximize the life of apparel.

It is extremely important  for the consumer to know whether a garment should be machine washed, hand washed, professionally laundered, or dry cleaned in order to prolong its wear and good appearance.

Standard Care Smbols for Washing Clothes

 In the process of  Laundering,it is very important to know the nature of the cleanser,auxiliary agents used-bleach or additives, the kind of water-hard or soft(The total concentration of iron, magnesium and calcium ions),the temperature of water and also the material which is being cleaned.Once all this is known the satisfactory degree of cleaning can be achieved.

For best washing results, the following are recommended:

  • Use non-chlorine bleach
  • Prevent snags by fastening hooks, buttons, zippers, and snaps
  • Use dryer sheets instead of liquid fabric softener
  • Pre-treat any stains before washing
  • Use a quality detergent

Laundary Day


Dry Cleaning

In the process of Dry-Cleaning,the articles are immersed in an organic solvent cleansing fluid and tumbled in a machine in the same manner as it is done in our usual washing machines at home.But when we give it to a professional dry cleaner the articles are assorted according to the colour and delicacy of the fabric and then put into different loads.

Dry Cleaning

In this it is extremely important to keep in the mind the temperature of the solvent which should be  nothing more than 90 degree Fahrenheit.The fluids are circulated continuously and then filtered to remove fibre particles and solid soils.Since dry-cleaning fluids are recycled and repeatedly used the system does not produce water and waste pollution problem.

If consumers follow the care label instructions, their clothing should maintain its appearance, fit and feel much longer. So to keep clothes longer one should take good care for them by following the care label instructions.

Wise consumers follow clothing care labels!!


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