How much MNP switching will cost you

Mobile Number Portability is already delayed twice this year though it was supposed to start by April 2010. I dont see any major reason except the 3G launch as mobile users wont be able to switch operators if they are into a long term plan with existing operators and if they did the plan benefits are not passed.

Coming back to the topic, How much each request of MNP will cost you ? TRAI has already documents in place

  • Press Release:TRAI determines the various charges applicable in the implementation of Mobile Number Portability in the country.

looking at which it is sated that there will be three types of charges that a consumer will need to pay.

  • Per Port Transaction charge : Charge payable by the Recipient Operator (the operator, where the subscriber is willing to port his number), to the Mobile Number Portability Service Provider for processing the porting request of a mobile number.
  • Dipping charge : Charge payable by an Access Provider or an International Long Distance Operator, to the Mobile Number Portability Service provider for dipping of each message;
  • Porting charge : Charge payable by the subscriber to the Recipient Operator, for porting his mobile number.

So the maximum price for switching from one operator to another is 19 RS and will take a week max time even though its being targeted for 4 days.

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