How safe is Heena?

Researches are saying that certain chemical used in Heena is increasing the rate of acute myeloid leukaemia. Leukaemia is commonly known as blood cancer where the bone marrow starts producing abnormal blood cells.

Heena also known as mehandi is a common decorative item for females. Even men are at times seen using the same. It is always used on occasions or family functions. Nowadays it’s also used as tattoos, hair dye. Heena has gained popularity among the tourists who always prefer to have it. 

Heena Powder
Heena Powder

But recent studies are saying that nowadays chemical named benzene is being used in the heena for its colouring effect. There is where concern is required. Benzene has been banned from many countries. Use of benzene as a solvent has been banned in Britain and in particularly use in cosmetic products. It’s a chemical found in petrol and tobacco smoke.

The chemical is an active agent which is responsible for directly transforming the normal cells into cancer cells. Even the US Food and Drug Administration do not allow henna plant dye to be used on the skin because of the chemical used in it.

Another kind of heena popularly known as “black heena” or “neutral heena” which is the favourite of all grey hairs is also available in market. To tell you it’s not the real heena. It contains dyes and chemicals that results to allergy and permanent scarring.

So next time when you use heena be careful if it’s the original extract or mixed with the chemical. Every parlour / saloon uses heena for dyeing effect. It’s also said that it a natural conditioner. Now the question is about the purity of the product.

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