How to apply for Passport Online in India

The passport office is like 10 minutes from my office and any time I get down there I find a huge line that goes till the road end. Many of us do not know but it is possible for you to apply for passport online and avoid the long waiting queue for submitting the application form.

Passport Ministry


Consular Passport and Visa Division of India now allows you to fill in the application form for :

  • A fresh passport (if you have never possessed a passport earlier)
  • Re-issue of  passport (if your present passport of 10 years validity has expired or will expire in next 12 months)
  • Duplicate passport (if your present passport is lost or damaged).
  • Passport for Children up to 15 years.
Online Passport Application

Online Passport Application

However Only the residents falling under the jurisdiction of the respective Passport offices are eligible to apply on-line through this website.

After you submit your application form, it will ask you save your application of which you need to take out a Print. There are few columns which needs to be filled in with your handwriting on it.

Once done that you will have to visit the passport office to submit the completed form along with documents, fees on the appointed date and time. This time will be give to you by the online system where you had applied and will also be printed on the application form.

Make sure you reach at the due time so that you don’t miss turns. In my experience and with the amount of queue I have seen for the online counter is negligible. It will hardly take you 30 minutes to complete the formality. Make sure you don’t miss the documents and fees without which the procedure cannot be completed.

What happens if you fail to take appointment during registration ?

The online system also allows you to generate Duplicate Application form if you provide your Web File No and Date of birth. The Web File number is given to you at time of registration.  In case you have missed the appointment you can get another here. Duplicate Application Form

Duplicate Application Form for Passport

Duplicate Application Form for Passport

Follow the link which says Online Registration and  on the  Official Website to Register your Passport without a queue.

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  1. Great info yar. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately my city is not located in that.


  2. Helo Sir,

    Everytime after dully filling the form online and save it.

    it asks for a confirmation OK, when comes back to same blank registration page.

    I dont get any web reference number or form to be printed or any appointment details.

    Can u help in this.

    Regards, Kenny

  3. Hello, I had my passport at home but since two years I am unable to find it .I dont have a xerox copy either so I can find the Passport number. So how can i re-issue my passport again?


  4. Hello Ravi, You need to report this to your nearest police station. Also You can reapply. Please read the FAQ here

  5. Hello I wanna make two passport, please tell me how can I do it?

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