How to apply for Passport Online in India

After Passport Seva Kendra started a few years ago, it has become a lot easier to apply for Passport Online in India. Most of the details are taken online; there is an option to upload documents, photo and biometric data are taken during the process. Earlier it used to be so much of hassle with less clarity on the documents to carry, and the procedure was tedious. In this post, I am going to share how you can apply for Passport online in India.

Note: If you are an NRI, and planning to apply for a passport, follow this link. If you are a permanent resident of India, the post is for you.

How to apply for Passport Online in India

Passport Seva website from Indian Government allows you to fill an online form with all possible details. You will need to create an account with them using your email and phone number. Once done, you can use your account for new passport application, renewal and other Passport services.

1] Registration Process

Go to the New User registration page. Here you need to fill in the following details.

  • Select Passport Office
  • Name, Surname, and Date of Birth
  • Enter your email account, and choose to use the same as your username. It will be a lot easier to remember.
  • Setup a secret question but make sure to keep the answer an easy one or at least what you can remember.

Note: Select the ‘CPV Delhi’ option to apply for Diplomatic/Official passport at Consular, Passport, and Visa (CPV) Division, Delhi.

2] Check Passport Appointment availability

The option to check when you can visit or get an appointment at the Passport Office can be inspected before filling in the application form. You must check this because a filled form gets deleted after 10-15 days if it is not submitted.

The result page will reveal the next appointment date available for the passport office, and nearby passport office.

Passport Appointment Availability Check

3] Applying for New Passport or Renewal

Once the account is created, go to Login Page, and use the same username and password to get into the account. In the account page, you will have the following options to apply:

  1. Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport
  2. Police Clearance Certificate
  3. Background Verification for GEP
  4. Diplomatic/Official Passport
  5. Identity Certificate
  6. Surrender Certificate
  7. LoC Permit
  8. View Saved/Submitted Applications

If you are here for the first time, click on the first option. If you have partially filled the form, and need to complete and submit it, then choose the 8th option.

Fill up form online or upload a filled form

You have two options. If you can type correctly using the computer or have someone, then fill-up the form online. Else you can take a printout, and then upload it later. Here we are talking about filling the form online.

1] Passport Type

Fresh Reissue Passport Options

  • Applying for: Fresh Passport or  Re-issue of Passport
  • Type of Application: Normal  or Tatkaal
  • Type of Passport Booklet: 36 Pages or 60 Pages

Note: While applying under Fresh Issuance category – please make sure you never held a Passport of the applied category (i.e. Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport or Official Passport) in the past.

If you are planning for re-issue of passport, you will need to input a few more details, i.e. the reason for reissue of passport.

  • Change In Existing Personal Particulars
  • Damaged Passport
  • Exhaustion Of Pages
  • Lost Passport
  • Validity Expired More Than 3 Years Ago
  • Validity Expired Within 3 Years/Due to To Expire

2] Application Details

Apart from filling regular details, like here are essential data you will need. First, it will ask your personal information, then family details, present and permanent address,

  • PAN
  • Voter Id
  • ECR/Non-ECR option
  • Aadhaar Number. You can verify the validity of Aadhaar using OTP if your mobile number is linked.
  • You will need to enter either of PAN or Voter ID or Aadhaar number to move to the next screen
  • When setting up your address, make sure to choose the correct police station. Once set, it cannot be changed after submission.
  • You will have to declare about any previous passport holding, and if your passport application was ever rejected. If yes, you will need to enter the File number associated with it.
  • There is another section which asks if you have been linked to any criminal behaviour inside our outside the country.

Passport Preview India

In the end, you will get to see a preview of the passport.  Next, you need to select the two most crucial proof. First is for Birth Certificate, and second is Proof of Present Residential Address. You have multiple options which include VoteriD, Aadhaar, and more.

You will also have to agree to pay for SMS service which costs Rs 50. It is vital to opt-in for the service. You will get messages about the whole process right from getting printed to police verification status to delivery and tracking id.

Next, you can either choose to submit the form, take an appointment and go ahead or save it if you want to verify it once again.

Submission of Application Form

If you are ready, click on submit button to go ahead with submission, and take an appointment. You will have to pay for the application. Click on Pay and Schedule Appointment. You can either pay online or pay in Cash at SBI Branch via Challan.

Online Payment (Internet Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card)

  1. Click the “Pay and Schedule Appointment” link, select the ‘Online Payment’ option, click the Next >> button. Select the desired Passport Office, and click the Next >> button.
  2. Click the Pay and Book Appointment button to redirect to State Bank of India’s Multi Option Payment System (MOPS).
  3. Select the Mode of Payment (NET BANKING/CARD PAYMENTS/UPI), follow the instructions and make payment. Please do not click the Back button or refresh the page, as this may lead to failure of the transaction.
  4. Once the payment is successful, an appointment will be booked automatically for the selected Passport Seva Kendra/Passport Office, and the “Appointment Confirmation” screen of PSP Portal will be displayed.
  5. Take a printout of the Application (ARN) Receipt, and carry it along while visiting the Passport Seva Kendra/Passport Office on the given appointment date/time.

Challan Payment (Pay in Cash at SBI Branch)

  1. Click the “Pay and Schedule Appointment” link, select the ‘Challan Payment’ option, click the Next >> button. Generate and print SBI Bank Challan through the Generate Challan button.
  2. Submit the Challan along with indicated application fee (in cash) at the nearest  SBI Branch after at least three hours of Challan generation.
  3. Payment will be reflected after at least two working days of depositing the fee in the SBI branch. Click the “Track Payment Status” link to track Payment Status.
  4. If the Payment status is displayed as Success, click the “Schedule Appointment” link, to schedule an appointment.
  5. Select the desired Passport Office and click the Book Appointment button. An appointment (if available) will be booked automatically for the selected location.
  6. Take a printout of the Application (ARN) Receipt, and carry it along while visiting the Passport Seva Kendra/Passport Office on the given appointment date/time.

What happens inside the Passport Seva Kendra?

It is the smoothest experience you will ever get. Here is what I have experienced, and I believe it’s going to be the same for all.

  • Make sure to reach 15 minutes ahead at the centre with all the original document, printed application form, and receipt.
  • Make sure to carry a xerox copy of everything, and if it’s minor, you need to fill in an annexure.
  • At the entry gate, you will have to enter your particulars like name, phone number, and location.
  • Once you enter the main building, the first counter will verify all your documents, and if there is anything, they will ask you to fill it, and get it done. You will be allotted a unique number.
  • The next phase is the A counter. Your unique number will be flashed against the A counter you need to visit. At that counter, all your documents will be scanned, a photograph will be taken, and your fingerprints will be scanned.
  • Next, you need to move to the B counter in the same way. You might be verified here, asked some questions. Done here, you will have to wait for the C counter.
  • It is the final counter where Passport Officers check your passport, ask a bit more questions, and verify your authenticity.
  • When you clear this, you need to move out of the building.

If you opted for SMS service, you should start getting the SMS right after you leave C counter.

Police Verification

If you are applying for a fresh passport, a Polic verification is bound to happen. It is done to make sure your address proof is legit, and you do not have a criminal record. Once it is clear, your passport will arrive in a few days.

I hope you were able to understand how to apply, and what happens during the Passport application process. If you still have questions, let me know in the comments.


  1. Helo Sir,

    Everytime after dully filling the form online and save it.

    it asks for a confirmation OK, when comes back to same blank registration page.

    I dont get any web reference number or form to be printed or any appointment details.

    Can u help in this.

    Regards, Kenny

  2. Hello, I had my passport at home but since two years I am unable to find it .I dont have a xerox copy either so I can find the Passport number. So how can i re-issue my passport again?



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