How to check if your IMEI is valid and How to get a valid IMEI

I remember in 2009, the market was getting flooded with Chinese smartphones which didn’t carry any IMEI number. A phone without a valid IMEI number can be a security concern. During that time, DOT (Department of Telecom) issued an order that if your handset or mobile phone doesn’t have it, then it might just stop working. In this post, we will share how you can check if your Mobile IMEI number is valid, and what you can do if it doesn’t have a valid IMEI number.

Below is a copy of a letter issued by DOT dated October 6th, 2008.


check IMEI Valid
check IMEI Valid

How to check if your IMEI is valid in India?

There are three ways to check if IMEI is valid in India or not. Use these if you have bought a second-hand phone and want to make sure its not fake.

  • Verify by sending SMS
  • Check on CEIR database
  • Use Know your Mobile app

1] Verify by sending SMS

  • Press *#06# on your handset. It works for any handset.
  • It will display 15 digits IMEI number. Ignore if it shows any special characters like forwarding slash or dots etc.
  • Send this number to 53232 or 57886 in the below-mentioned format.
  • IMEI <IMEI code>. Ignore the angular bracket.
  •  If your IMEI is valid, you will receive a Success message else you will get Invalid IMEI message.
check IMEI Valid
check IMEI Valid

If you have a dual SIM phone, then you will see two IMEI numbers. Make sure to check both of them. Be confident; you have registered number(s) with the service provider(s). So go ahead and check if your IMEI is valid or not.

2] Verify on CEIR Database

Another way is to check in CEIR database. Its the central database of India where you can type in your mobile number, and you will be notified if its a valid IMEI. Enter Mobile number, verify by OTP, and when you submit, you will get to see details such as Brand Name, Model, supported Bands, etc.

Check IMEI in CREI Database

3] Use Know your Mobile App

DoT has an official app on Google Play Store which provides the status (Invalid/ Black Listed) or provides details like Manufacturer, Brand name and Model name of the given IMEI. While purchasing a mobile device, the genuineness of mobile devices can be verified using KYM App.


How to copy IMEI Number?

Since the above method only displays IMEI number and doesn’t give you an option to copy it, you need to note down every time on paper or a computer. The best way is to find your box as it has the IMEI number printed, but here is how to copy it directly from the phone.

What you can do if you have an Invalid IMEI message?

You can contact your service provider to the nearest center or any genuine IMEI implant center which can help you in getting a valid IMEI number for your handset. There is a small fee of 199 Rs, of which you get a receipt. You will also need any government-approved photo proof for this procedure.

We hope you were able to check if you have a valid IMEI number on your phone.


  1. It is very weird that TRAI is charging custoerms a nice 199.00 Only and making fast money out of us. Somebody who already got his share by selling a Grey market phone will not be affected at all. But someone who is not even aware that is the custoemr is been penalised for nothing. WAKE up guys? Just becuase you are an auhtorised department does not give you the right o rob the common people…..

  2. I have a spice D 88n handset and I have got the same issue – IMEI invalid. Spice telecom is also a registered company and still we are facing issues with their handsets. This is really crap. I do not understand why I should pay 200, when I already paid 7000 to buy a geninue handset from spice.
    Please help

  3. Sir i am from India using New Company Mobile: LAVA A9. This company newly launched in India, I can’t check his IMEI Code. Please give me suggestion about how to check mobile phone IMEI Code, especially Indian Mobile Phone. I am waiting for reply…

  4. Govt. declared your mobile is invalied because your imei No. is invalied . why you give permiation to sail to that unauthorised compani in india. who is responsible to this action .
    Now what i shall do. for my mobile please give reply ?


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