How to check your PNR status, Ticket availability and Train timings via SMS

If you are on the move with a waiting status train ticket it becomes a problem to get to know your ticket status unless you reach station and ask the ticket master. Same goes for Train Timing and ticket availability, you will be either in a long queue or the number doesn’t connect.

Luckily Indian Railway has an SMS service which lets you find your PNR status, Ticket availability and Train timings by sending a simple sms.

  • Find Ticket Status using the PNRsms PNR  to5676747 eg. PNR 1234567891
  • Checking for Trains running between two stations sms TL < starting city > < ending city > to 5676747
  • Checking Trains between two station with station name or station code sms TL < starting station > < ending station > to 5676747
  • Checking for Ticket availability : sms TA <train number > <starting city> <ending city> <journey date > to5676747

Train Status

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