How To Design Your Own Garment ?

Clothes come in a variety today.Often one does not like something or has something in mins which she wants to wear.It also happens that our pocket does not allow a designer wear or we do not see that particular thing we have in our mind in the market. So the best thing to do is make the garment ourselves!!

Here are the steps how one should follow to design your own garment ?

#1 Choose the Silhouette :

First choose the silhouette .i.e the garment which you want to wear. One should try something which they feel will suit them. Play safe in this matter as this is the most important.

#2 Design the blueprint :

Secondly decide upon the neckline, sleeve, waistline, length, slit and closures to be used.

Once this is done the other minute details of the garment need to be taken care of. At this point the volume, gathers, ruffles, plates, cuffs, tucks, darts, needs to given emphasis on.Female body has an exciting shape and make sure that the garment flatters it!! 

#3 Time to Decorate :

After this comes the interesting part of using decorative buttons, zippers,other accessories like lacing,crochets, embroidery, cut work or lacing at closures.

#4 Which fabric :

Choosing of the fabric is extremely important as we need to see  the flow of the fabric. One single fabric can be used or a combination of a few also adds an interesting feel.If you want to dye it in the particular colour it can be given for dyeing or else a ready one can be picked.Fabrics come in a variety nowadays and it becomes difficult to choose from!

#5 Add Colours :

Now its time to add colour and this needs to be done with a lot of care.The colours play an important role and one should think before adding the colours.Once the desired effect is achieved half the job is done!Contrast colours in clothes looks stunning and catches the attention in its own way and tones of the same colour also adds a lot of smartness and adds a chic feel.

#6 Accessorise :

Last but not the least it is very important to accessorise the entire outfit.Earrings,Scarves, Hairband, Footwear, Bangles or any other hand accessory, Neck Piece,etc.

Best way to start ?

Pick a paper and pencil and start sketching it. Unless you can see it, it will be difficult for you to visualize what you wear.  Here is how I did it on paper sketching my entire dress and you should do too.

 How to design a suite in step

Once everything is done catch hold of your tailor, give your measurements and the garment is ready according to your own wish in a short bit or if you can stitch it It’s like a cherry on the cake and here is the dress I designed myself.

Designed Suite

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  1. nice post..

  2. It is interesting to see that it is possible to design at home. Its not easy for everyone but with little effrot and following whats in the sketch it can be done. Good One!

  3. it is nice one, i can easily understand how to make design form basic, i hope its most useful to others.

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