How to Apply for Patents Online in India

A patent is a kind of license which is given by the government of the country which provides you with exclusive rights to market the product for a particular duration of time. For example, if you have developed a special tea and get a patent on it, nobody else can market or make a product like it. However, in India, a patent is given to the inventor who applies. Hence it is essential that if you do have a secret for which you want a patent, you should apply it now. It takes around five years for the process is complete. Thats a pretty lengthy process but that’s how it works here. Here is how to e-File Patents or apply for patents online in India.

How to Apply for Patents Online in India

How to Apply for Patents Online in India

 IP India Online is the site for e-filing patent online and follow the steps as given below.

  1. For using this Portal click on link ‘On-line Registration for New User.’
  2. Complete Online Registration process for getting User Id & Password.
  3. Login to E-Patent portal after successful registration.
  4. Download Client Software for preparing Patent Application(s) offline.
  5. Fill Patent Application offline and generate an XML file using Client Software.
  6. After creating application(XML) file offline, digitally Sign the XML file.(Max. file size permitted 15 MB) for uploading on to the IPO Server.)
  7. Login into E-Patent portal for uploading Application XML file on IPO Server.
  8. Upload & Submit Digitally Signed XML file to IPO Server.
  9. Process Application for EFT (Fee Transaction).
  10. Review Application Status on E-Patent Portal.
  11. On successful EFT acknowledgment details would be displayed/ generated.
  12. Print Acknowledgement. Click on “Print” to generate a printout of acknowledgment.

However, Filing a patent is very complicated. You should be careful and also make sure you have not invented which already exists and done somebody else, and it’s just that you don’t know. There are many Patent Filing agencies which can help you in doing that and make sure you are unique. Using such agencies can speed up your process but can be a little expensive up to 50000 INR, but worth the service they offer.


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