How to find out the City of Registration for a Vehicle [India]

Every vehicle has a registration number; the number which we get to see on the number plates of the vehicles is its registration number. The registration number of a vehicle is sufficient enough to tell the area or the city in which the vehicle is registered.

Here is an online tool, which can tell you about any vehicle’s area/city of registration. Trace Vehicle Location is a free online tool which shows you the area in which a vehicle is registered just by entering the number on its registration number plate.

How to find out the area in which a Vehicle is registered [India] just by the number

It has a simple interface, simply enter the number, and later it will tell you the place/area. Shown below is a result from this tool.

Number of a vehicle to find out the registered location for it


Though, in any case, just finding out the registration area for a vehicle will not help anyhow, however if you even want to find out about the owner of a vehicle, than using this tool you know which branch of RTO to contact to get the further details (every district has a RTO office).

This tool also has a ‘Trace Mobile’ tab, which can be used to trace a mobile number, so that you can know the home network for any mobile phone number across India, however there are couple of other ways to Trace a Mobile Phone number in India.

Now, if you ever want to know about the vehicle’s registration area, here is a Free Android app for it as well, named as “Number plates of India”, you can download it from the Android Market. This app is useful to find out the area instantly, even when you are away from your desktop. The app works great; I have been using it on my phone.

Try out the Trace Vehicle Location tool


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