Postal Index Number is a post office numbering system in India. A PIN code on the consignment, at the end of the address, helps the post office staff to organize the mails and hence enables a faster service efficiently. Earlier it was used only by post offices, but these days, even the courier companies demand the PIN code number. Here is an online resource, Indian Postal Service, which can help you to find a PIN Code number of any place in India easily.

How to find the PIN Code for any place in India

Here you can either use the search engine like interface. Using it, you can search either for a place to get its PIN Code. Or you can search for a PIN Code to get the location of it, or you can browse through the states, and later based on district and other entities like tehsils, etc. You can also enter the Post Office Name to find the code. Here is the result of a Pin Code search, which displays Post Office Name, City, and District.

When you click on the Pin Code, it will locate all the spot offices around the PIN code. On the same page, you have a link to Download All India Pincode Directory or Download All India Pincode Directory – Village/Locality based Pincode. You can use it offline to find the PIC code of any place in India without an internet connection.

So go ahead and use this tool to find PIN Codes of any place in India, and speed up your snail mails. Visit Find Pin Code at Indian Postal Service.

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