How to get stains off your clothes

Stains are a real nuisance especially when it is on your favorite clothing and worse if you discover it later. Some stubborn stains need special treatment but most of the stains disappear if treated immediately.Stains can be minor annoyance or a major disaster .

So speed is one of the essence to get rid of them. Do not let them set in. First of all,test the stain remover on the seam or hidden area before applying it to your favourite clothes.However there are some tips and points which helps you to get the stain off. Before attempting to wash satin items, check the label for cleaning instructions. Always use a good stain remover/detergents as it is the matter of your fabrics.

Coffee StainIndian women are very conscious towards the fabrics,clothes etc. So here are the tips that you need to know to get the stain off :

For alcohol stains: 

To remove the alcohol stain,  apply vinegar with a sponge on the same spot for few minutes. Wash it with the good detergent and cold water and rinse it.

For coffee stains:

Rub the spot with the yolk of an egg beaten in very cold water. Rinse it out in cold water.

For the removal of gum stains:

First  try to scrape off the gum  as much as possible with a dull knife blade. Place the spot between layers of soft paper and press with a warm iron. This absorbs the gum and the spot left can be taken out with gasoline.You can also use kerosene oil on the spot rub it, after 5 minutes wash with cold water.

For the stain made by ink:

You can use hair spray or alcohol.Acetone or non oily nail polish remover and bleach that are safe for the fabric can also be used.

For the rust stain:

It is usually seen that the rust stain in  white colour cotton fabrics look very bad,for this  you need to rub the lemon juice and salt for 4-5 hrs and then wash it normally.Place it in the sunlight will be better.

Some stains are easier to get out then others. There are many factors that play into the difficulty in lifting a stain from the fabric like the age of fabrics, its quality etc. Remember, if you are unsure of how you should clean any piece of fabric, pay the money and have it done professionally.

Have you try any of these?Share your experience with us.


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