How to get Train Coach Cleaned on demand

As part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Indian Railway offers an SMS based / App-based service for passengers on a long-distance train in India. Using this service, they can ask for their coach or toilet to be cleaned. Not just cleaning, but you can use the app for other issues, including electrical, AC, small repairs, etc. You can also use the railway’s app to get the train coach cleaned on demand.

How to get Train Coach Cleaned on demand

How to get Train Coach Cleaned on demand

There are three ways by which you can send your request for the service.

1] Using Coach Mitra App

Railways also launched a mobile phone app–Coach Mitra. Using this app, you can request for Toilet cleaning, Coach Cleaning, Watering issues, Linen/Bed Roll, Pest Control, Disinfectants, Electrical problems, and petty repairs.

  1. Select the Service
  2. Enter PNR number
  3. Enter Mobile number.

Coach Mitra App for Railways

Once a request is sent, you should receive the service on the next stop. Download it from here.

2] Through the SMS

Passengers may also send their requests as SMS to 58888  by typing CLEAN  < Space ><10 DIGIT PNR NUMBER>. The software named OBSERVE (On Board Services) will forward the request to the mobile phone of the cleaner present in the particular train directly. The Railway Administration will also simultaneously receive an intimation of such requests for follow up.

3] Through the website:

Through the official website, the passengers can enter their PNR number and mobile phone number to complain.

What happens after you complain about the issue in your coach?

Soon after the message is sent, a notification is sent to the onboard housekeeping team. The staff has to reach the coach at the specified time and address the complaint. Meanwhile, the complainant receives a code which he has to provide to the housekeeping staffer. The claim is considered as closed only when the staffer keys in this code obtained from the complainant.

Presently, this service is being provided in 23 Rajdhani, 21 Shatabdi, 27 Duronto & 314 other long-distance Mail/Express trains for frequent cleaning of coach toilets, and passenger compartments during the run of the trains and on-demand of passengers.

Based on the passenger feedback, the money to be paid to the housekeeping firm is decided. If the Passenger Satisfaction Index (PSI) is below 60 percent (meaning if 60 percent of complainants provide negative feedback), the firm will not get any of the agreed-upon payment. To ensure full payment, the housekeeping firm has to keep a PSI above 85 percent. Nationally, the scheme has so far been implemented in around 385 trains.

So next time whenever you will travel on the Indian Railways, and you want your coach or toilets to be cleaned you should use this service.

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