How to keep your home warm this Winter !!

Winter season is already knocking our doors and I think on a cold winter day there’s nothing more tempting than staying put under your warm cozy blankets. However we all wants to keep our home warm during winter.

Winter CareSo here are the bunch of great tips to keep your home warm in this winter.

  1. Go around your house and check all of your windows . Check that all windows are properly shut. It will be good for you that cover your windows with the plastic shower curtains.
  2. Seal your door and also check around the door frame and also under the door. You may want to buy weather stripping or door sweep.
  3. Cooking is another way to keep your house warm, a lot of heat is produced when using your oven; you should utilize this to keep your house warm by leaving the oven door open after you have finished cooking.
  4. If you have windows in your home that get any type of sunlight during the day time then open all the windows as long as possible as the solar energy is the best and the cheap way to make your house warm.
  5. Close the room which are unused room which are unnecessarily open. As it acts as the barrier  between you and the frigid outdoors. However, it stops air from circulating as much, which reduces heat loss.

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