How to make Banana Stem Pulao (Thoder Pulao)

Hope you have tried with the thoder or Banana Stem dish (In case you did not, Try it now.) Yesterday I decided to cook the Banana stem in a different style and liked it. Its a different sort of dish, and tastes good even though one may feel that lust only a stem.

How to make Banana Stem Pulao or Thoder Pulao

Here is the recipe of the Toder Pulao for four people. You can increase or decrease the amount of spice as per your taste, but I would highly recommend making this as is, and then later determine if you want to recalibrate.

1] Ingredients & Quantity: – Serving – 4 person

  1. Thod or Banana Stem – 250 gm
  2. Gobind bhog chawal – 100 gm
  3. Potato – 2 standard size
  4. Ghee – 2 tps
  5. Garam masala (powder) – ¾ of a tsp
  6. Bay Leaves ( Tej Patta )
  7. Green Chillies ( as per taste )
  8. Salt ( as per taste )
  9. Sugar ( as per taste )
  10. Turmeric powder – half tsp
  11. Cashew Nut
  12. Raisin

2] Preparation for Banana Stem Pulaow

  1. Tear, peal, wash, and cut the banana stem, as shown in my post.
  2. Drain the water, put some salt, and mash it with your fingers properly.
  3. Heat oil in a non-stick frying pan or kadai.
  4. Put bay leaf and sauté’ for a few seconds.
  5. Add potatoes into it and fry it in medium heat.
  6. Add Gobinda bhog chawal and stir it at medium heat.
  7. Add salt and green chilies.
  8. Once the Gobinda Bhog Rice appears to be fried, add the chopped banana stem and mix it well.
  9. Cover the non-stick pan or kadai with a lid for half an hour but keep stirring at regular intervals for better results.
  10. Keep the heat at a moderate temperature.
  11. Add cashew nuts and raisins.
  12. Sprinkle the garam masala and add ghee.
  13. Mix well and serve hot.

So you can see how easy it is to make Banana Stem Pulao or Thoder Pulao. It is not very common in North India or South but mostly used in West Bengal and North East.


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