How to Register with Co-Win for Covid-19 Vaccination (Book Appointment)

The Indian government has opened up the application process for Covid 19 Vaccination through their Co-Win platform, where citizens above the age of 60 can register (for now). The process is simple, and all it needs a mobile number and a valid document as proof of age. Here is how to apply for the COVID-19 Vaccine in India using the Cowin app, and book an appointment.

Note: There is no declaration of which companies vaccine will be given.

How to Register with Co-Win for Covid 19 Vaccination

CoWin Registration Page

Step 1: Go to the Co-Win Self Registration website and enter your mobile number for receiving OTP. A message in green will show up on top of the page when the OTP is sent successfully. Enter the OTP to move to the next page.

Step 2: On the registration page, you will need to enter the following

  • Photo ID Proof type
  • Photo ID Number
  • Gender
  • Date of Year in YYYY format as per the photo id.

CoWin Registration Form Enter Details

The list of photo IDs accepted includes Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, Pension Passbook, NPR.

Step 3: If the age is below 60, you will get a warning; else, as you click next, the registration will be successful.

Cowin registration for 60 plus

Post this; your entry will be visible with all the details added by you. It is also possible to add more persons using the same number. To do that, you will have to login via OTP and then click on add more person, followed by the same set of details.

Add More Citizens for Co-Win Registration

It would be best to add all of them under a single mobile number as it will be easier to track the status and book an appointment.

How to book an appointment for the Covid-19 vaccination?

Schedule Appointment for covid19 vaccine

Once you have registered with the Co-Win portal, select your name using the checkbox on the left, and then click on the calendar icon under the action, which says Schedule appointment. Click on the button to proceed.

Next, you need to select state, district, block, and Pincode to see the available date. It will reveal the centers where the vaccines are available and if the vaccination is free or paid. Finally, choose an appointment date and confirm the booking.

Choose appointment date and center for Covid-19 vaccine

The Co-Win website may be jam-packed as this has opened today, and the arrival of OTP to your phone and appointment date will be challenging. However, now that you have registered, keep checking until you get an appointment.

Video on Registration for COVID-19 Vaccine with the Cowin App

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