HUL’s “Khushiyon Ki Doli” – A new Campaign Strategy

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) new target for 2010 is to reach – the most happening part of India – the rural India. The latest brand building initiative by the HUL in the rural India is “Khushiyon Ki Doli”. The main motto behind the campaign is to create awareness with the use of technology and engaging the common mass. And Hardaurpur is the first destination. 

HUL bus
HUL bus

There are four set of dolis or palkis being moved all around the village. Equipments like LCD TV, a DVD Player and a small generator is there in each of these dolis or palkis. The village housewives are the main target of audience. The wide ranges of HUL’s products commercials are being shown in these LCD’s. as a common human habit it has been observed that the rural masses always look upon the urban mass and what about the urban mass? They tend to look upon the metro lot.  

HUL Campaign
HUL Campaign

HUL new campaign can easily grasp the rural housewives and children. Soon the LCD’s are on these rural crowds stands awe keeping close view of the video with full concentration as its something new for them. They hardly get the chance to have a view to all these. In the urban people hardly look at the commercials. Here makes the final difference. These commercials of Surf Excel, Close Up toothpaste to Huggies diapers etc all have enchanted the rural lot. It’s more effecting to them.  

To make the campaign more interesting HUL has also organised few games at the end with prizes. And again there is commercialisation. The winners are given with special offers on bundles products few sachet as prizes. 

Next move by the HUL is to the local retailers big or small. Brand building is the main target for HUL. HUL tried to engage these retailers with new purchase of the merchandize and new sale of the stock to them. 

With the “Khushiyon Ki Doli” the scenario is very clear. HUL has taken trying to enter the market again and create a demand for their products. HUL has designed a good plan hitting the rural class first as curiosity is the first thing that one could easily find among these lot. Good luck to HUL for a new journey!!! 

Images courtesy – TIMES OF INDIA


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