Immersion of Idols and Polluting the water – Who is responsible ?

Idol worship is the common concept for the Hindu. It might be at your home or can be any festive like Durga Puja or Kali Puja, Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja etc. Bengal especially is famous for its festivity and the immersion of the idols is also practiced. But we as a common man have ever thought that the immersions of the gigantic idols is also affecting our Mother Nature and polluting the water.

Idol Immersion

The colours used on these idols are the main ingredient responsible for polluting the water. The level of lead, mercury, cadmium used in these colours is very high. Why are we not encouraging the use of natural colours for these idols? Why the artisans are not using organic vegetable colours?

The ornaments worn over these idols are also made of metals and polluting the water. The flowers, ornaments, cloths and other offerings to these idols should be removed before immersion. The synthetic colours and the fabrics also pollute the water. It’s really difficult to clear the water from these toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

The artisans are so used with the chemical colours that they hardly want to switch. They are also now perfect about the appropriate quantity of the colour to be used. They get variant of colour in different shades also. Using of eco friendly colours might not give them different choices and will be less attractive also.

The government should take measures for the use to eco friendly colours and use of bio degradable material. In fact recycling process should be adapted. Why cannot the idols be recycled? Flowers can also be recycled for making paper. The coconut and other food items that are also immersed along with the idols should be distributed among the poor. The ornaments could be also made of recycle materials. And on top of all why do we really need to make gigantic idols? Why cannot we go for small idols and worship?

Let’s raise voice against it and create awareness among all.


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